Video Search Engine Optimization

video search engine optimization puzzleAre you looking to promote your business online? Are you looking to generate more leads for your business? Have you struggled with finding the right way to do this? If you arrived here you probably already know that video is the ultimate tool to promote your business and get more leads and are wondering, what is the best way to achieve video search engine optimization so that your videos will get to the top of the search engines.

Why promote with Video?

Video is by far the best way to get a message across, it is captivating and engaging and it is much easier for most people to watch a video rather than read a long article. Each video you post is an advertisement for your business that continues to show over and over for a very long time without any participation from you once complete. It is not as easy to achieve as some will let you believe; but if done correctly it is a simple onetime task that will give you endless results!

Video Search Engine Optimization

The internet has billions of pages and the big question is how will your customers find your videos amongst all the web pages out there? There are so many videos online promoting businesses, services and products and the only way you can differentiate your videos from others and make sure they are found and presented at the top of the search engines is by doing correct and effective SEO for videos. This is the essence of video search engine optimization. In other words, get your video set up so that it is clear to the search engines what it is all about and who you are targeting.

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There are two main aspects to video search engine optimization:

  1. On page optimization – What do you need to do to the video itself and the page it is posted on
  2. Off page promotion – How to get traffic to you video

Video Search Engine Optimization will provide you with all the information you need to best achieve these two aspects of video marketing SEO so your videos will continue to work for you day in and day out generating you more leads and more traffic and building your business online. Read through the pages of this site to get all the “how to” and details of how to promote your business online with video.

Why YouTube Video SEO?

Video search engine optimizationWell, this should be pretty obvious. Just search for almost any keyword and you will most likely see one or more YouTube videos on the front page of Google. YouTube is the 3rd ranking website in the world after Google and Facebook, it has a massive amount of traffic and many people use it to search for things they need and want.

If you just post a video on YouTube you should not expect it to be found just because you posted it, you will need to set it up so the search engines can find it and promote it. This will take a little time and effort but if done right is it well worth it as your video will continue to get traffic and generate leads for many years without the need to do anything else for it. This is why you need to understand how to do video search engine optimization.

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Video Search Engine Optimization will bring you all the information and the “how to” you will need to promote your business online, generate more leads and more traffic with video.

To your success,

Gershon Yakir

Gershon Yakir

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