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video optimization seoThe increasing popularity of video on the web makes the use of videos in online marketing very powerful. The only way to elevate your video over the huge amount of videos uploaded every day to the web is by doing video optimization SEO. Most videos are not optimized, by doing video optimization SEO you can get your video to show up on the top organic SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Here are the major key points for Video optimization SEO that you must follow if you want your videos to rank on the first pages of the search engines.

Video markeitng seo

Keywords are critical for your Video optimization SEO

The keywords indicate to the search engines what is the focus of your video. When people use the search engines to find what they want they enter keywords in the search field. The search engine then matches that keyword with yours. Video optimization SEO is how you will make sure that your video is selected from all the other videos online that use the same keyword.

Use your focus keyword in the title of the video and in the text description of the video. Do not over stuff keywords, be real and use the keywords as you would in normal conversation. Also, make sure to add your keywords to the video tags.

Your keyword should be in the audio track. There are talks about search engines analyzing the audio stream looking for relevancy. Make sure your keyword is spoken in the video at least twice; once in the first sentence, and again at the end of the video.

Get your video viewed as soon as possible after posting

Search engines love fresh contact and popular content. Post links to your video on your social sites and encourage friends to watch and comment on your video. Fast views and social interaction should be a top consideration in your video optimization SEO strategy. One place you want to make sure that you post your videos is on Google+. Google likes to see new content on their social network and greatly values links coming from Google+.

Another way to get your videos viewed is to email your list every time you post a new video. Make sure to include a link back to the video. If you do not have a list, well… you should be working on developing one. If you would like to learn more about email lists and how you can build and maintain one check out AWeber (they offer a $1 trial).

Keep your videos short and to the point

Marketing videos should be short. Technical and how to videos can be longer. Be direct and provide your message as fast as practical. People will be annoyed if they have to watch through a long video just to get a message you could have delivered in the first 2 minutes. Search engines are looking for a good user experience. Being direct to the point and providing value in an effective manner will be counted as a good user experience.

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Promoting your business online with videos is one of the most effective marketing strategies today. By following these key points for video optimization SEO you can get your videos ranked on the first pages of search engines for relevant keywords; bringing a great amount of free traffic and exposure to your offer.

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Gershon Yakir


>>> To learn more about Video Optimization SEO click here <<<

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