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video seo tipsVideo has become a critical component of any SEO strategy. The use of video and correct video SEO tips can help you differentiate your offer from many other competing sites. Sites that have video have a distinct advantage over sites that do not. If two sites have a similar score in the eyes of a search engine the one with video will rank higher.

When people search they are more likely to click on a video rather than a text document, search engines realize this and this is another reason why they give better rankings to sites with a lot of video.

Here are the Video SEO Tips you will need to know

Video SEO tips 1 – Keyword density

Probably one of the most important video SEO tips is selecting the right keyword. When posting a video make sure to use a keyword density of 2% to 3% in the video description. A good free tool to measure the keyword density is live-keyword-analysis.

Video SEO tips 2 – Focus on one subject

The video should focus on one subject and cover it well. If you have several subject to cover, you will be get much better results by creating several videos one for each subject and promoting them separately.

Video SEO tips 3 – Annotations are important

Add annotations and text over the video. This will likely catch the interest of viewers and will help your conversion and click through rates bringing more people to your offer. Make sure to add links in the annotations pointing to your offer so that you will get the traffic you are looking for.

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Video SEO tips 4 – Post your video on multiple sites

Post your video on other video hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and veoh; linking back to your original video. This will increase your rankings and will also get you more targeted traffic coming from the other sites. Many video hosting sites have a great deal of traffic and you can gain from that traffic by adding your video.

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Video SEO tips 5 – Backlinks to your video

Another very important video SEO tips for ranking consideration is getting quality backlinks to your video. Search engines consider backlinks from social networks to be of high value. You can manually post to social networks and ask friends to link to your videos but this a lot of work. You would be served well if you invest in tools that will help you automate the social network posting part. Some tools you can consider are: Onlywire and TribPro both work tightly together and can get you hundreds of quality social networks backlins with the push of a button.

Video SEO tips 6 – Tracking results and making adjustments

When you are doing video optimization SEO it is important that you track your progress and results. You can not improve what you can not track, this is why it is so important to have a good tracking system in place. A great free tool for doing this is Google Webmaster Tools (you will need to log into yo0ur Google account). Get your site registered, study the reports and make adjustments to improve your video SEO tips. Make sure to visit the Google Webmaster help channel on YouTube to learn how to best use the Google Webmaster Tools. Another excellent tool is Market Samurai’s Rank Tracker (you can get a free trial copy).

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If you want high ranking and lots of free targeted traffic to your websites and offers you will need to follow the video SEO tips as detailed here.

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