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youtube video seoMany people go to YouTube to search for different things just like they go to Google so it is important that you understand YouTube Video SEO so that you can get your videos to the front page and be able to promote your business and get leads. Following are some of the more important aspects to achieve best YouTube Video SEO.

Social indicators

YouTube is a social network for videos and they are looking for social activity on your videos and in your channel. Social activity means that people are interested in what you have to offer. Having likes and comments on your videos will go a long way to help your YouTube Video SEO. Make sure to engage with your viewers and subscribers by replying to their comments. Get people to view your videos by sharing your link on social networks and encouraging them to like and comment on your videos.

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Link to other relevant videos

By linking to other videos on YouTube you are telling the search engines that they are relevant to your video. I am sure that you have seen YouTube present other relevant videos at the end of a video you just finished watching. By linking to relevant content you are asking the search engine to bring up your videos when other videos are watched. It is very important that you link only to relevant content not just generic videos. You can link add these links in the description section. Of course there are other factors used by YouTube to determine relevancy but your links are very important.

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Building Your Channel for best YouTube Video SEO

You must show that your channel is active on a regular base. Search engines always look for fresh content that continues to update over time. Continue to post and stay active on your channel. Other ways to build your channel include getting real views from actual people, getting real comments and real subscribers. This can be achieved by sharing your video link on social networks and other relevant sites to your industry niche.

Backlinks to your video from relevant sites

Create backlinks to your videos from other relevant sites and content. Let us say that your video is about optimizing YouTube videos so you can post an article on an article directory talking about YouTube Video Optimization and linking from the article back to your video .

Relevant content

One of the most important aspects of YouTube Video SEO is relevant content. This is a sure way to keep your viewers attention and keep them engaged with our videos. It is very annoying for viewers to have a title about one subject which brings them to watch the video just to find out that it has nothing to do with the title. They will probably stop watching the video right away and this is going to hurt your efforts for best YouTube Video SEO

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Gershon Yakir

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