How To SEO YouTube Videos

how to seo youtube videosIf you are an internet marketer or a business owner looking to promote your business online using video you will find these important keys on how to SEO YouTube videos very helpful. Following the points below will help you understand how to SEO YouTube videos so you can get your videos to the top page of YouTube and Google.


The importance of keywords in how to SEO YouTube videos

Keywords are how YouTube determines what your video is about. When choosing a keyword you should think “What would my ideal target customer search for?” and that will be your keyword. You will need to spend some time researching the keywords to make sure they are representative of your business and that you can actually rank for the chosen keyword.

Without a good keyword research you will most likely be wasting your time. A good keyword research tool will allow you to evaluate the competing websites and your chances of ranking. You can use the free Google Keyword Planner tool (you will need to open a free Adwords account to use this tool) but I found Market Samurai to be much more effective. Market Samurai has very detailed tutorials and step-by-step training videos on keyword research.

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Video description

YouTube allows you to add a description to each video you post. Take advantage of it and don’t save words. A 200 to 300 words description is about right. Make sure it is descriptive and accurate.

Include your keywords in your video description. Your keyword should be aligned with the content of your video so you should have no problem bringing it up several times throughout the video. Search engines look for this to make sure your video is relevant to what you are trying to rank for. Having a detailed and descriptive video description is an important part of how to SEO YouTube videos.

Video file name

Search engines look at file names so it is important that you add your keyword into the file name before uploading the video. Let us say for example that you want to rank for the keyword How to SEO YouTube Videos and you made a great video on this subject. You should call the video file how-to-seo-youtube-videos.mp4 then upload it. This is a point that is very often overlooked by marketers but is very important for ranking your videos.


Tags are your keywords and related keywords. 5 to 6 tags per video is a good number. Make sure they are related to the video and to each other. If you stuff lots of unrelated keywords you will confuse the search engines, they will not know what your video is really about and you will not rank. Your keyword research tool should be able to help you with finding related keywords to add to your focus keyword.

Build your YouTube channel

Continue to upload videos and build your channel. Search engines are always looking for new content and will see your YouTube channel as an authority if it has a lot of fresh and renewing content. Make sure to always provide value and relevant content to your viewers.

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Other important tips on how to SEO YouTube videos

You do not have to use the auto generated thumbnails provided by YouTube for your videos. You can upload your own thumbnails; just make sure they are relevant to your video. This will allow you to use thumbnails that can better encourage people to take a look.

Use play lists to group videos. If you have several videos on the same subject group them into a single play list, this will help boost your rankings.

Use annotations throughout the video. Annotations should be used to encourage your viewers to take action such as like your video, click on your link etc. Make sure to put your focus keyword in the annotations where relevant. Do not over use annotations.

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These are the key points on how to SEO YouTube videos. Follow these key points and you are sure to see your videos pop up on the top of the search engines and continue to generate free traffic to your site, leads and customers for your business.

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