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youtube seo tipsIf you are reading this then you understand why it is important to be able to rank your videos on YouTube. Using these YouTube SEO tips you will be able to achieve this. So let’s get strait to the point.



Here are the YouTube SEO tips for ranking your videos on the top of YouTube and search engines:

Social interaction – Comments, Subscribers & Likes

Get viewers to comment on your videos and share them on social networks. You can do this by actually asking and encouraging them throughout the video to comment below. When viewers comment on your videos make sure to respond as soon as possible. YouTube is a social network if someone took the time to view your video and comment, be social and respond.

Subscribe to other relevant channels such as industry leaders and make sure to comment on their videos. Make sure to encourage viewers to subscribe to your videos as well.

How do you get people to like and subscribe to your videos? Well, first start with a quality videos and useful information. This way people will actually have a reason to like your videos. Funny videos are good. People like funny and will be more inclined to like a funny video. You can also add an annotation asking them to like your video by clicking the like button bellow.

Comments, Subscribers and likes show social interaction which is very important for ranking your videos. These are very important YouTube SEO tips that will help create the social interaction YouTube is looking for.

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Links to and from your video

Getting backlinks to your video is a major YouTube SEO tips. Share your video link on your social networks. This will give you a backlinks to your video which are very helpful with ranking. It will also bring you more traffic to your video. Make sure to use your focus keyword as an anchor text. A good idea would be to actually embed the video in your social networks in addition to the link.

Add a link in your video description to your product or offer. You can also add links to other relevant videos on your channel and perhaps a related video of an industry leader. You should also link back to your main YouTube channel.

Linking between videos shows relevancy and is part of these very important YouTube SEO Tips. Search engines are always looking for relevancy and connection between different pieces of content.

Invest in tools to help you get backlinks to your video

Backlinks to your video are very important to your rankings. Social sites are probably some of the more important sites to get links from. You can get many of them by manually posting yourself or use tools to automate the process and save you a great deal of time. This is one of the YouTube SEO tips you do not want to skip.

Here are the tools that I personally use to get a large amount of quality backlinks from social networks. I have had great success with these tools the years:

OnlyWire - Publish everywhereOnlywire automatically submits your content to over 45 of the leading Social Media Networks at the click of a button. Onlywire supports social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ Pages and many more.


TribproTribpro is a content syndication platform designed to get your website massive exposure by leveraging your time through the concept of “The Tribe”. Get hundreds of links with the click of a button. The Tribe is a group of like-minded entrepreneurs helping you spread YOUR blog posts, videos, content and website to their already built social networks to expand your brand, create social buzz, and increase traffic! Tribpro is the most powerful content syndication platform on the web today.


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The video description

Your description should be 200 to 300 words long and include your focus keyword several times. Do not over stuff the keyword. 2 to 3 percent should be just fine.

Add the link to your video itself and your main channel in the description. This is a very interesting YouTube SEO tips because some marketers us automated software to pull and embed YouTube videos on their sites. Many of these programs also pull in the description so you will gain backlinks to your video and to your main channel from their sites.

Add links to your social networks sites so people can connect with you on other platforms. Make sure to include Google+ and your main YouTube channel.

If you do not want to write a full description you can use the automated close captions generated by YouTube. Copy and paste them but make sure to correct where needed. YouTube does a pretty good job but sometimes it just does not get you and comes up with some pretty funny stuff.

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These YouTube SEO tips will help you get your videos ranked on YouTube and on the search engines bringing you lots of free traffic and generate leads for your website, business, product or service.

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Gershon Yakir

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