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youtube video optimizationYouTube videos are showing up on Google organic search results for many high competition keywords. If you do YouTube video optimization correctly your video can outrank major websites, bringing a great amount of traffic to your website. Of course you can use paid strategies to gain the first positions but free traffic is much better.

YouTube is not just a video sharing site, it is also a search engine for people looking for answers. YouTube has a very large share of the traffic on the internet being the second ranked website in the world. This is why you must properly optimize your YouTube videos.

When you plan your YouTube video optimization you must follow these very important guidelines:

User Experience – YouTube, Google and other search engines are all about user experience. When you create a video you must keep in mind that viewers are looking for videos that are: entertaining, attention grabbing and informative. One way to measure user experience is by the average amount of time a viewer spends on your video. If a viewer watches your video in its entirety; it is obvious that their experience is good and you will gain higher ranking for this.

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Video Title – The title is an advertisement for your video calling the viewer to watch it. Keep it short, enticing and make sure to include your focus keyword. Personally, I do not like negative headlines but I will admit that they grab attention. It is very important that you do not use trade mark names in your titles.

Background music – Having background music with your video is very important for the user experience. Be sure not to use copyright music on your videos. There is plenty of royalty free music offered on the web. YouTube now offers a wide selection of background music you can freely choose from within your YouTube account. Look for the Audio Library under Creation Tools on the left side bar of your account.

youtube video optimization

Targeted traffic – Plan the use of keywords very carefully. Keywords are a major part of your YouTube video optimization strategy. Use keywords that your targeted prospects would use to search for things relevant to your offer. Before deciding on keywords you should spend some time researching the completion and related keywords by using tools such as: Google Keyword Planner tool (you will need to open a free AdWords account) and Market Samurai (they offer a free trial).

Tags – The tags on a YouTube video tell YouTube what your video is about and what is related to it. You can use Google search results to find related keywords to use as tags for your video.

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Tracking your results – When doing your YouTube video optimization it is very important that you measure your results and make corrections where needed. YouTube Analytic is a great tool to measure the success of your YouTube video optimization. It is available from within your YouTube channel. YouTube Analytic will give you statistics and detailed information about the performance of your video. You can get information such as: how long your videos are viewed, how people found your videos, which sections are most watched and much more.

youtube video optimization

Doing YouTube video optimization is very simple if you follow these simple steps; and the results you can achieve are an internet marketer’s dream!

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Gershon Yakir

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